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Physician Compensation Survey, by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) The AMGA Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey is a nationally-recognized compensation survey designed to assist various management levels in evaluating and comparing current physician compensation and productivity levels, trends, and relationships between compensation and productivity. The report and its data can assist in making compensation-related decisions for a medical group's physicians, non-physician medical staff, and select administrative positions. This report can also be used in various ways to identify trends and measure a medical group's own compensation and productivity as compared to other medical groups throughout the nation. We believe the data is representative of large multi-specialty group practices. AMGA's Research and Benchmarking page or contact the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) at 703-838-0033.

To order the full report, please contact the American Medical Group Association at (703) 838-0033.

Allergy & ImmunologyUSD 265,592.00
AnesthesiologyUSD 372,750.00
Cardiac & Thoracic SurgeryUSD 532,567.00
CardiologyUSD 422,921.00
Colon & Rectal SurgeryUSD 379,219.00
Critical Care MedicineUSD 305,000.00
DermatologyUSD 386,068.00
Diagnostic Radiology - InterventionalUSD 492,102.00
Diagnostic Radiology - Non-InterventionalUSD 461,250.00
Emergency CareUSD 285,910.00
EndocrinologyUSD 233,000.00
Family MedicineUSD 208,658.00
Family Medicine - with ObstetricsUSD 215,450.00
GastroenterologyUSD 415,872.00
General SurgeryUSD 367,315.00
GeriatricsUSD 202,958.00
Gynecological OncologyUSD 425,218.00
GynecologyUSD 236,010.00
Gynecology & ObstetricsUSD 302,638.00
Hematology & Medical OncologyUSD 325,000.00
HospitalistUSD 229,294.00
Hypertension & NephrologyUSD 259,776.00
Infectious DiseaseUSD 225,412.00
IntensivistUSD 305,464.00
Internal MedicineUSD 21,950.00
NeonatologyUSD 275,359.00
Neurological SurgeryUSD 625,300.00
NeurologyUSD 246,500.00
Nuclear Medicine (M.D. only)USD 313,333.00
ObstetricsUSD 317,000.00
Occupational / Environmental MedicineUSD 233,000.00
OphthalmologyUSD 253,708.00
Oral SurgeryUSD 389,661.00
Orthopedic SurgeryUSD 501,808.00
Orthopedic Surgery - HandUSD 476,384.00
Orthopedic Surgery - Joint ReplacementUSD 503,809.00
Orthopedic Surgery - PediatricsUSD 435,318.00
Orthopedic Surgery - SpineUSD 677,158.00
Orthopedic-MedicalUSD 293,873.00
OtolaryngologyUSD 377,430.00
Pathology (M.D. only)USD 354,917.00
Pediatric AllergyUSD 201,720.00
Pediatric CardiologyUSD 251,058.00
Pediatric EndocrinologyUSD 192,903.00
Pediatric GastroenterologyUSD 252,310.00
Pediatric Hematology / OncologyUSD 213,977.00
Pediatric Infectious DiseaseUSD 194,126.00
Pediatric Intensive CareUSD 268,609.00
Pediatric NephrologyUSD 196,006.00
Pediatric NeurologyUSD 218,230.00
Pediatric Pulmonary DiseaseUSD 205,386.00
Pediatric SurgeryUSD 434,714.00
Pediatrics & AdolescentUSD 213,379.00
PerinatologyUSD 421,832.00
Physical Medicine & RehabilitationUSD 248,000.00
Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryUSD 405,635.00
PsychiatryUSD 217,169.00
Psychiatry - ChildUSD 212,842.00
Pulmonary DiseaseUSD 303,125.00
Radiation Therapy (M.D. only)USD 458,333.00
Reproductive EndocrinologyUSD 322,612.00
Rheumatologic DiseaseUSD 231,579.00
Sports MedicineUSD 233,842.00
Transplant Surgery - KidneyUSD 387,429.00
Transplant Surgery - LiverUSD 444,194.00
Trauma SurgeryUSD 413,078.00
Urgent CareUSD 230,239.00
UrologyUSD 413,746.00
Vascular SurgeryUSD 425,173.00

The American Medical Group Association, which has been conducting this survey since 1986, represents the interests of medical groups nationwide, including some of the nation's largest, most prestigious integrated healthcare delivery systems. AMGA advocates for the multi-specialty group practice model of healthcare delivery and for the patients served by medical groups through innovation, and information sharing, benchmarking, and continuous striving to improve patient care. The members of AMGA deliver healthcare to more than 50 million patients in 40 states, including 15 million capitated lives. The average AMGA member group has 272 physicians and 13 satellite locations. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, AMGA is the strategic partner for medical groups providing a comprehensive package of benefits, including political advocacy, educational and networking programs and publications, benchmarking data services, and financial and operations assistance.

The American Medical Group Association

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For more information regarding physician compensation, please contact Paul Smallwood toll-free at (800) 678-7858.

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